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Call Us Today!
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Water Filtration - What We Offer

Wells Water Well Drilling & Repair works with the best water filtration companies in the United States to ensure our customers in Columbia, MS have a successful, durable system. We offer numerous options to our clients to guarantee that they get the best, purest water filtration around. Our schematics and design team work tirelessly to upgrade and stay up to date on any changing technology in the industry. 
Water filtration is the process of removing undesired chemicals, contaminants, solids and gases from contaminated water. As you can imagine, it is one of the most important steps (if not the most important) to making sure that your water well is using clean, potable water for whatever its use. Deciding which purifier to use can be a challenge, because each process of filtering suits a different purpose. For that reason, we offer several different water systems: 
  • Iron Removal Filters—Our iron removal filter is a chemical-free, all-purpose, maintenance- and salt-free water filter system. It removes iron, dirt, sulfur, rust, odors and even stronger chemicals like chlorine. It is one of the most advanced filters in the industry, yet it is still affordable and easy to use. We use only the best national brands in our purification processes. Our support staff will be sure to tell you if this is the right filter for you. 
  • Acid Neutralizer—Acid neutralizers use calcium carbonate (a natural mineral called Calcite) to raise the pH level of acidic water. This neutralizes its corrosive attributes. This filter protects pipes and fixtures from corrosion, as well as facilitating the removal of manganese and enabling the use of an iron filter. By correcting low pH, acid neutralizers enable water to be purified correctly.
  • Water Softeners—A water softener fights against hard water. “Hard” water forms when the water contains a lot of calcium or other metals and minerals acquired by dissolving from soil and rock. Hard water causes problems by turning into scale, which builds up on the inside of pipes and reduces water flow, eventually clogging the pipes. Softeners help alleviate that problem. They are often used in combination with our acid neutralizer. 
Our water filtration team is knowledgeable and experienced, and we’ll be sure to find the correct filter for whatever your system may need. We will get your drill producing clean, flowing water for years to come. Give us a ring and let us help you solve your water filtering problems.

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